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Cargo Handling Equipment

For The Global Market

Our Products [ 1 / 3 ]

Ball Transfer Units

part no. BT/CS6030, BT/SS6030, BT/CS6030M, and BT/SS6030M
part no. BTFM125 AND BTSMTI50

History has shown that our BTUs are better than other units in the market because they outlast the competition. Why are our BTUs better than the other Ball Transfers?


  • Omni-directional
  • 500 lb load capacity
  • Dimensionally compatible
  • Durable stainless steel ball
  • Highly improved drainage
  • 1–3/16" Main ball rotates on 1/8" support balls
  • Heat treated machined steel bearing cup
  • Great value of price vs. performance
  • Heavy-duty one-piece housing
  • Personalized color and/or name option
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Our Products [ 2 / 3 ]

Cargo Container Pop-up Stops

We offer both drop-in and hard-mounted Pop-Up Stops to fit your new, retrofit or replacement application needs.


  • Drop-In and hard mounted types
  • Durable and robust solid carbon steel construction
  • Easily mounted at specific zones
  • Spring-loaded
  • Simple installation
  • Foot-activated (hands-free device)
  • Zinc Plated (clear or yellow plating for easy recognition)
  • Custom Pop-Up Stop height, pin length up to 6 inches
  • Personalized engraved option with your company name
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Our Products [ 3 / 3 ]

Conveyor Rollers

We offer a full range of rollers for Cargo Handling and Conveyor & Conveying needs, which are engineered to easily transport loads and provide maintenance free service.

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Replacement & Spare Parts

We offer a wide variety of spare and replacement parts for Cargo Handling, Ground Support, Conveyor & Conveying Equipment, Air Courier, Transportation, Warehousing, Industrial Machinery & Equipment and General Contracting applications.

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B&T Bearing is proud to provide our clients with the highest quality products and services. Learn more about the ways our offerings are making a difference in our clients’ businesses.

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